martedì 20 maggio 2008


L’Arbre A Palabre “This is the story of the pigment, both rebellious and contagious in nature. Imprisoned in its metallic tube it suffers from a crisis, a crisis of identity, remembering only a coloured amnesia of what it once was. It exists now in a viscous mass this paste, qualified by some as smooth, behaving like a serpent when forced to leave its hiding. A few blocks down the road, they say, there is a shop window containing a multitude of glass containers filled with pure pigment of all colours, a paradise! It is said, they have to remain closed at all times. It is said, once their content becomes volatile, it is no more.

It is not sufficient to be reborn a pigment, it is imperative to flee from paradise, not to stay. Once fallen in love with freedom again and eager to discover, it consoles it’s partner misfortune. Smouldered by numerous preparations, choked by innumerable layers of paint, the precious canvas dreams in silence of it’s pureness before. Breathing from it’s framework and the wind stroking it’s fibers, the canvas finds the ideal companion, the pigment.

Both apprehensive about their journey to the unknown. Later, a quarter to …. They unite in an old liason, still Later…. they find harmony. The canvas breaths pigment, latter holding on to the cloth. Later, a quarter to …It is in “L’ARBRE” that the canvas recognizes it’s modesty and tactile nature. It is in “LA PALABRE” that the volatile character and the insolence of the pigment perspires. (Art for Humanity)

Africa Remix (Universes)

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