mercoledì 11 giugno 2008

KILUANJI KIA HENDA at blank projects

"Expired Trading Products" is a mixed media exhibition that deals with refugees. The title refers to the fact that, like products that have passed their sell-by date, refugees are discarded or destroyed after their period of usefulness has expired. South Africa is currently undergoing its worst human rights abuses since the fall of Apartheid and this timely exhibition, presented by an Angolan national currently on a two month residency here, promises to present a unique perspective on the issue. Significantly this project was conceived prior to Kia Henda's arrival and before the recent crisis escalated to its current levels.
"Nuclear garden of Mr Young", which opens on the same night, is a reflection on Cape Town's status as the only city in Africa to have a nuclear power plant. Nuclear power offers the promise of cheap, clean energy whilst threatening the dangers of radiation, environment chaos and the spectre of the Bomb. For this exhibition the artist plans to create a nuclear braai and garden as a monument, photographs of which will be on display. Like atomic energy commission inspectors, only a privileged few will be permitted direct access to the actual event, the results of which will be able to be seen at the exhibition.

Kiluanji Kia Henda Angolan photographer, Kiluanji Kia Henda spends three months in Cape Town on residency at blank projects.

Born in 1979, Kiluanji lives and works in Luanda. His photographs have been exhibited at the 1 Trienal of Luanda, 2005, at “Art InVisible”, ARCO, Madrid, 2006, at “SD Observatory” IVAM (Valecian Institute of Modern Art) Valencia, 2006 and at 52nd Edition of Venice Bienal, Africa Pavillion “Check List Luanda Pop”, 2007.

Not only a photographer, Kiluanji has also been involved in theatre productions as a performer, musician and lending his hand as a lighting technician. Now he visits Cape Town for three months to work and network with local artists.

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