martedì 10 giugno 2008

Ingrid Mwangi Robert Hutter - HEADSKIN

Produced with the support of Wella Museum, Darmstadt

In the work titled Headskin two synchronized videos showing the back of the artists' heads are projected in juxtaposition. The double projection allows a penetrating gaze upon the vulnerable part of the head that is without sight and means of verbal expression.
In the space of six minutes shaved lines cleave their way through both heads of hair, dividing the body of hair first into halves, quarters, then eighths. Finally, the remaining segments of hair also disappear bit by bit, leaving both heads bald. The sound accompanying the process of elimination consists of hacked, mechanical noises of an electric shaver, supplemented by fragments of speech taken from a dialog between Mwangi and Hutter. Words such as 'I - Identity - not African, let's talk about European - guilt - think/forget - what? - decide, act, relate' indicate that the work is about the intercultural dialog that the artists are engaging in.

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