giovedì 2 luglio 2009

Gallery MOMO presents : Mary Sibande

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Gallery MOMO is proud to present Mary Sibande, opening Thursday 9 July @ 18h00 - 20h00 and concluding 3 August 2009.

52, 7th avenue, Parktown North, Johannesburg

This show is a collection of fantasies and imagined narratives centering round the character Sophie, a maid. Sibande is not looking at the negatives of being a domestic worker, but rather the humanity and commonalities of people despite the boxes we find ourselves in. The modern fabric is moulded into many forms that are combined with Victorian references, making the pieces completely foreign and at the same time Sophie's own. By subverting the simple maids' uniform in the creation of Sophie's hybrid dress she/it has become the canvas for storytelling.

When Sophie puts on her maid's uniform, the simple pattern becomes this imaginative Victorian dress that turns into a superhero's outfit which allows her the freedom to express her imagination. Through her aspirations, Sophie has gained the desire to imagine and travel to non real spaces and times. Sophie tags herself into scenarios like a graffiti artist would tag his signature on a public wall.

Playing with the body interests Sibande, not only using the body as a stage or a platform for playing out scenes from fantasies and realities but also challenging the viewer's expectations. Sophie is always in a state of transformation, by going beyond the ordinary and the expectations of being a maid. The atmosphere that Sophie is presented in is always one that she aspires to and seeks for, with her closed eyes. Sophie is an idea that came about from looking at a "traditional role", in the context of South Africa, for black women. For Sophie the fabrics used to construct the costumes (maids' overalls), has proven to be rich with meaning and they are a form of escape from the real world.

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